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  • bentuangie kratom
    bentuangie kratom


    Bentuangie kratom originally grown in indonesia jungle and it is one of newest addition to the kratom family. Bentungie kratom is new powerfull red strain with great relaxing effect. It helps in keeping the nerves caln and offering a peaceful sleep.

    Bentuangie Kratom has increasingly gained popularity amongst its users. This Kratom is stronger than red vein strains and has a calming and soothing effect. Being a new strain it has massively shown likeness amongst the users and has become popular soon, here are some of its benefits.


  • elephant kratom
    elephant kratom


    Elephant Kratom is a kind of kratom that have big leaf like elephant. this elephant kratom thrives in the area of Kapuas Hulu District, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.
    kratom elephant has a stimulant effect such as white vein, the recommended dose is about 3-5g.


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